Sunday, November 13, 2005

A quilt for Natasha

Friday, November 11, 2005

From one of my beading classes

This is a set I made in a class recently -- I just adore the stuff, and I am keeping it. I forsee making more of these though! The shell is paua(abalone, in other parts of the worlld, I think), which is normally blues, greens and purples (you can see a piece of shell that is the normal colour on one of the pieces in the bracelet). The pieces I chose though are from the piece of the shell where the fish glues itself down, and are kind of weird looking -- and the colours are much more subtle.

A bracelet

I'm not 100% certain who this is for yet. I may just sell it.

Sue's necklace

Another commission piece - for Daniel's mother.

Neelam's earrings

Neelam loves earrings. These were a bit of an experiment -- I made them out of the leftover bits and pieces of Shalini's bracelet. I thought she would like them -- and I was absolutely right.

Shalini's bracelet

This was a "commission" piece -- I do this stuff to keep me in beads, juts charging the cost of materials. I made this for Neelam's sister, Shalini.

Neelam's birthday present

This little set I made for Neelam's birthday. The earrings are actually the second set. Mum liked the first ones so much I gave them to her.


Okay, so I know this isn't a bead exercise, but it was a massivley creative endeavour... my Dad gave me a very pretty bowl, and for its virgin outing we filled it with five kinds of chocolate truffles for a party.

Kyla's bracelet

KD's necklace

A 4th birthday present -- a necklace and bracelet "just like Mummy's"

Eva's necklace

Mum's necklace (and earrings to match)

Jacqui's window hanging

Claudia Lindsay's brooch

This Was a 90th Birthday present.

Maureen's bookmark

Annette's necklace

Mel's necklace

Es' bracelet